Stock Market Game

November 10, 2008

The AP Calculus class has joined a stock market game!
We’re competing with a Government class to see who can best invest a $100,000 portfolio over eighty days. But, with the recent stock market lows, few people are making money. In fact, only 21 of 72 players have made any money at all (as of 1.30.2008). On the other hand, gstyzzer has trippled his.

Update: 12.20.2008
Signalife Corp (SGAL) plummeted today, losing 91% of it’s value and casting all of our top three players to the bottom of the list. Adamochs, who had tripled his money previously is now just 20 places from the bottom with a measly $89,000. EmmD and captain insano, our previous second and third-placers, are now second and third from last place. And the ultimate loser today was: Meagan. Not only did she manage to lose all her money in Signalife, she also lost thirty thousand of what she had bought on margin, making her the only person to go below $0.

Has anyone seen where Mr. Toschlog went? We can’t find him on the leaderboard. Wait…is that him in 19th?

We’ll keep a running score of the top three people that have invested anything here.

Generic stock graph

Scores for Friday, January 30

1. what u got on my 40 +$267,604.85
2. gstyzzer +$83,869.48
3. Brittany +$64,105.51

Link to the stock market game.


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